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Keepin’ it simple with the “Keep It Simple” burger

Visited Red Robin today with Dad.

I ordered the “Keep It Simple” Burger (price $7.99, includes “bottomless” fries).

The burger came in a warm, soft sesame seed bun. You can customize the burger with a whole grain bun, ciabatta roll or a jalapeño bun. But I prefer the original.

Red Robin uses fresh, never frozen patties. Mine was a perfect “well done” and not cooked like old leather. There was still plenty of juice inside and it was not over seasoned.

Listed in the menu, the Keep It Simple Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. I skipped the pickles and onions because I didn’t want my breath to stink!

Other options include cheese (cheddar, American, blah blah blah…), Red Robin’s own-brand relish, and a fried egg. No offence to breakfast lovers, but who puts a fried egg on their burger? It’s not normal!

Overall I would award this burger 6 out of 10.

It is perfect for an adult who does not want a huge burger and it is perfect for a kid who does not want to order from the embarrassing kiddie menu.


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