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Choosing Cheeses

Hey guys! (Oh… and girls… girls eat burgers too!) Here’s your chance to show some love for your favorite cheese.

What kind of cheese do you like on your burger?

I prefer American because it’s creamy and melts easily. My second choice would be Ye Olde Englysh Cheddar. Swiss is too salty. Pepper Jack is too peppery. Blue cheese is… blue… which is just nasty.


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2 thoughts on “Choosing Cheeses

  1. burgerrodeo on said:

    Dad says he likes Cheddar best. This is because he is English and he thinks Cheddar is “posh” or snooty. I think somebody should tell him that USA Cheddar is made in Wisconsin, not England!

  2. Thanks. I think. Snootily yours, Dad.

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