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The Hoover Dam of special sauce

The “Rocket Single” at Johnny Rockets in Hanover, MD.

The menu describes the Rocket Single as a “classic cheeseburger” that is served with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato, white onion and Johnny Rockets “special sauce” (which my Dad says is just mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together in a bucket).

The burger patty was tender and juicy. You can tell when burgers are cooked from fresh, not frozen, meat. This was definitely fresh.

The burger was solved “old style” wrapped in paper. This is the Johnny Rockets style. They try to make their restaurants look like 1950s burger stands. It is a neat gimmick. Even the music they play is from the 1950s.

The main problem with my burger was TOO MUCH SAUCE! There was so much sauce that I had to use a couple of french fries to scrape it onto my plate. It looked like the “special sauce” Hoover Dam had broken. Next time I’ll remember to ask for NO SAUCE or at least ask for it to be served on the side.

I award this burger a score of 7 out of 10. It would have been higher (maybe an 8) if there hadn’t been so much sauce.



Making your own pickles, mustard and ketchup

My Dad saw this article in the New York Times and told me about it.

Your Burger Will Thank You

It is about making your own pickles, mustard and ketchup.

This sounds like a lot of work when you can just buy them at the grocery store!

What’s up with serving mayonnaise with burgers?

I stopped at the Double T Diner at White Marsh, Maryland  and ordered their “Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe” which is a 7 oz patty served with 3 slices of bacon and a slice of yellow American cheese.

The menu says that the burger is made from “fresh beef”, but in my opinion it was cooked from frozen.

Technically speaking, all beef was “fresh” at the moment it is butchered. Perhaps they meant it was “fresh” before it was frozen?

The meat was average quality. I am guessing only 80% lean. The only juices that came out were white-colored fat, and not the brown meaty juices that Iexpect to see from a good quality burger.

Weirdness #1: The burger was served with two tubs of mayonnaise. One was dumped on top of the bacon and the other was hidden under the fries. What’s up with serving mayonnaise with burgers? This isn’t Canada!

Weirdness #2: If you want to put pickles in a burger then they need to be sliced, but the diner served a fat pickle spear. What’s up with that? Maybe that’s how they do things in Baltimore County, but not in the “normal” world.

I award this burger 4 out of 10. We only stopped at the diner because we were hungry and miles from home. The burger is OK to satisfy your hunger, but I would not drive out of the way to get one.


I’m Sure This Would Be A Favorite With Elvis

Burger King has a bacon sundae on its summer menu until Labor Day.

Usually, I am in favor of any food that contains bacon (bacon cheeseburgers FTW!), but this might be one step too far.

Unless your name is Elvis.


America’s Best Burger Cities

I found this interesting list of America’s best burger cities.

  1. Providence, RI.
  2. Philadelphia, PA.
  3. Chicago, IL.
  4. Houston, TX.
  5. San Juan, PR.
  6. San Diego, CA.
  7. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.
  8. Kansas City, MO.
  9. New York City, NY.
  10. Los Angeles, CA
  11. Denver, CO.
  12. Savannah, GA.
  13. Austin, TX.
  14. Memphis, TN.
  15. Nashville, TN.
  16. Las Vegas, NV.
  17. New Orleans, LA.
  18. San Antonio, TX.
  19. Portland, ME.
  20. Seattle, WA.

I’m going to have a little chat with Mom and Dad about our future family vacations!


Eating Burgers at the Rodeo

Here I am on a Saturday night eating a burger at the rodeo. The burger is from Lapp’s Olympia Dairy Bar on US 40 in Carney’s Point, NJ. The rodeo is the Cowtown Rodeo just up the road in Pilesgrove, NJ.

My blog was created because I love to eat burgers. I chose the name Burger Rodeo because I also love the rodeo. I can satisfy my love for burgers and rodeo by spending a Saturday night in New Jersey.

The burgers from Lapp’s Olympia Dairy Bar are 1/3 lb patties of USDA beef  We ordered our burgers “to go” because you can take your own food into the rodeo and we wanted to arrive early to get good seats.

My burger was really good. It was juicy and the juices were brown and meaty, not just fat. This is how burgers should be. I had mine with lettuce, tomato and ketchup. I also had a side order of fries and a vanilla shake.

Dad had a cheeseburger with fried onions. He also had a vanilla malt. Mom let him skip his diet for the night! That probably means he has to eat lettuce for the rest of the weekend.

Mom had a cheeseburger with cheese, lettuce and pickles. At least today she didn’t ask for mushrooms and A1 sauce. I understand the A1 sauce (it’s good!), but I really don’t like mushrooms. Why would anyone want to eat a fungus? It’s a disgusting idea!

I award my cheeseburger 7 out of 10.

Meeting the Burger King

Kooper’s MacGuinness Burger

We paid a visit to Fort McHenry today then decided to head into Baltimore for burgers. Dad drove to Fell’s Point and we went to Koopers Tavern where I ordered a MacGuinness Burger. It is a fresh 1/2 lb burger served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, apple smoked bacon and cheddar cheese.

Here I am, contemplating the burgery goodness. (To burger, or not to burger. That is the question.)

Two things about the visit to Kooper’s Tavern. First, there was a sleeping drunk person in there (no… not my Dad!) and the manager had to wake him up and throw him out. That certainly made the visit a memorable one! Second, my Dad also ordered a burger. He can only get away with this when Mom in not around, because she is checking his diet and she tries to make sure that he eats healthy food. Hey, Dad! Guess what? You keep telling me that it’s important to tell the truth. So now Mom will read this blog and know you ate a burger.

This was a really tasty burger. There bacon was thick and smoky. The cheddar cheese had a nice sharp tang. The burger patty was really, really juicy. There was no fat running out. All the meaty juices were trapped inside the burger. It was one of the best burgers I have eaten.

I award the MacGuinness Burger a score of 8 out of 10. It is definitely one of my favorites!

Now I want to chase the Kooper’s Chowhound food van and see if their “mobile” burgers are as good as the ones in their restaurant.

Ruby’s Classic Cheeseburger

I was at Ruby Tuesday with my family and I ordered Ruby’s Classic Cheeseburger. This is a good basic cheeseburger. It was served on a whole wheat bun which I thought was a nice change from the usual sesame seed buns or kaiser rolls. There was plenty of lettuce and tomato so at least I got some vegetables and vitamins. The cheese was melted onto the burger patty nicely. It was American cheese, which is what I would expect to find on a classic.

Here is a photo of the burger. The photo was taken with a phone camera, but I think it is still a good picture of how the burger is served.

I award the Ruby Classic Cheeseburger a score of 6 out of 10. It is a good basic burger and one that you can’t go wrong with.

Dad ate some weird salad thing because (#1) he is trying to avoid eating too many burgers, and (#2) Mom was there and he wasn’t able to break rule #1 without her finding out. Poor Dad!

Philly Burger at the Greene Turtle

I was at Green Turtle with my family and I ordered a Philly Burger which was topped with Philly steak, fried onions and melted provolone cheese. (Please excuse the poor quality of the photograph. It was taken with the camera on Mom’s phone.)

The burger patty was a little bit dry, but the toppings were interesting. The toppings are what made the burger worth eating. This is a shame. The burger patty should always be good and a restaurant should not rely on toppings. I award the Philly Burger a score of 5 out of 10. If I was judging the burger patty on its own I would only award it 4 out of 10.

If what you want is a cheese steak then you should just buy a cheese steak. If what you want is a good burger then there are better burgers around.

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