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The Hoover Dam of special sauce

The “Rocket Single” at Johnny Rockets in Hanover, MD.

The menu describes the Rocket Single as a “classic cheeseburger” that is served with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato, white onion and Johnny Rockets “special sauce” (which my Dad says is just mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together in a bucket).

The burger patty was tender and juicy. You can tell when burgers are cooked from fresh, not frozen, meat. This was definitely fresh.

The burger was solved “old style” wrapped in paper. This is the Johnny Rockets style. They try to make their restaurants look like 1950s burger stands. It is a neat gimmick. Even the music they play is from the 1950s.

The main problem with my burger was TOO MUCH SAUCE! There was so much sauce that I had to use a couple of french fries to scrape it onto my plate. It looked like the “special sauce” Hoover Dam had broken. Next time I’ll remember to ask for NO SAUCE or at least ask for it to be served on the side.

I award this burger a score of 7 out of 10. It would have been higher (maybe an 8) if there hadn’t been so much sauce.



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