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Hitting the Classic at Bobby’s Burger Palace

My Mom & Dad were picking up a hire care from BWI and we needed to find somewhere nearby for dinner. We headed over to Bobby’s Burger Palace at Maryland Live! Casino.

I’m not old enough to enter the casino, but Bobby Flay’s burger restaurant is just outside the security ropes, which means I can visit the restaurant without running into a legal problem. (If I do run into a legal problem it’s always good to have a lawyer on the team… so thanks for coming along, Mom!)

I liked the restaurant’s design. It uses the same colors as Bobby Flay’s cookware (Dad has some Bobby Flay crock pots) and it’s got long tables that you share with other diners. That’s sort of different and pretty cool.

I had the Palace Classic Burger (a 1/3 lb burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion). It was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!

The patty was meaty and flavorful. Not too much juice escaped from the burger when I bit into it – and as you know I do like my burgers to keep all their juices trapped inside to taste. Bobby Flay gets this just right. Hmmm. Maybe being a burger genius is a good way to get my own TV show. If Bobby Flay can do it then I can do it!

I also had a side order of sweet potato fries. They were served in a tin cup lined with paper. Mom says that this is how they serve frites in France. It’s a neat idea and I might try serving fries like this at home. (Hey! Dad! Find me some little tin cups, will ya?)

Mom had the L. A. Burger (with avocado, watercress and cheddar cheese). She said it was really good and she wants to try the Nappa Valley Burger (with goat’s cheese, water cress and lemon honey mustard) next time. Dad had to Classic (like me!) and he says that next time he wants to try the Dallas Burger (with coleslaw, monteray cheese, BBQ sauce and pickles). I think next time I will try the onion rings as a side.

The Palace Burger Classic was almost the perfect burger. I really want to give it a high score. I think 9 out of 10 is worthy. Oh, heck, let’s call it 9.5 out of 10. I know the absolute perfect burger is out there somewhere, but this was really close.

I highly recommend this burger!


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