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Making White Castle Sliders at Home

This is a really neat slideshow from the Daily Meal on how to make your own White Castle slider at home. I’m going to try making these myself. Dad says that if it saves him driving 130-miles to the “nearest” White Castle then he’ll help with the cooking.

I especially liked the part where they used a straw to make the “White Castle style” holes in the burgers. That’s a neat way to make them look authentic.



Fast Food Face-Off

In science class this year (Hi, Miss Webb!) we are conducting science experiments. So I decided that I would do a little experiment at home about burgers. I thought that it would be a good idea to compare several different “value” burgers from the Big Three (McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s) and so I persuaded my Dad to drive me around town & buy a bunch of sandwiches.

From Burger King, I ordered the basic Cheeseburger ($1.19) and the BK Single Stacker ($1.29). From McDonalds, I ordered the McDouble ($1.00) and the McChicken ($1.00). From Wendy’s, I ordered the Junior Hamburger ($1.37) and the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger (S1.97).

By the time we got home Dad’s car smelled like a food truck!

First, Burger King.


Burger King describes its Cheeseburger as “a signature flame-broiled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted American cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.”

The burger patty tasted dry and when I opened up the bun to look inside it looked kinda gray. The burger was difficult to pull apart because the cheese had completely melted. Dad says it looked like it had been microwaved. Do Burger King microwave their burgers? That would be disgusting.

I award this burger 1 out of 10 for taste and 3 out of 10 for value. It did not taste that good, but I guess for $1.19 it was a cheap snack.

BK Single Stacker

Burger King describes its Single Stacker as “one flame-broiled beef patty, one slice of melted American cheese, thick cut hardwood smoked bacon, our made to order BK® Single Stacker is smothered in zesty BK® Stacker sauce and held together by a toasted bun.”

This burger had the same problem. It was dry and gray. The cheese was melted and Dad says it was probably microwaved. (How does he know? Did he ever work at Burger King? I don’t think so!) There was a single slice of bacon inside, but it had disappeared into the melted cheese and I could hardly taste it. There was lots of cheese! Which is good, because I like cheese.

I award this burger 2 out of 10 for taste and 3 out of 10 for value. It didn’t taste great, but it was a good value snack.

(I also ordered a Raspberry smoothie from BK which helped wash down all these burgers!)

Next, McDonalds.


McDonalds describes its McDouble as “two 100% beef patties simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, a slice of melty American cheese and topped with tangy pickles, minced onions, ketchup and mustard.”

I immediately removed the pickles. I do not like McDonalds pickles. There was too much mustard and too much ketchup on the McDouble. All I could taste at first was the sauces. The sauces should be something that add to the taste of a burger, but not something that takes over the whole taste. The patty was quite small, but do you expect for 1 dollar?

I award this burger 2 out of 10 for taste, but 5 out of 10 for value. It is not a gourmet burger, but it is good value for $1.


McDonalds describes its McChicken as “golden, crispy chicken housed on a perfectly toasted bun.”

OK, burger fans,I realize that this is a chicken sandwich and not a burger. But sometimes it is good to try something different and for just $1 it was worth trying a chicken sandwich.

The chicken was tasty and the shredded lettuce was nice, but there was too much mayonnaise on the McChicken. Why do McDonalds have to cover everything with mountains of sauce?

I award this sandwich (not a burger!) 3 out of 10 for taste and 6 out of 10 for value. It was nice to try something different (CHICKEN!) and it is good value for just 1 dollar.

And finally, Wendy’s.

Junior Hamburger

Wendy’s describes its Junior Hamburger as… nothing… the menu on their website doesn’t have a description.

I liked the Wendy’s burger. The patty was meaty and actually tasted of beef. (My Dad says what I was tasting was salt & MSG.) There was not too much sauce and that certainly made a change! It was a little bit expensive at $1.37 and that was its biggest problem.

I award this burger 3 out of 10 for taste, but 1 out of 10 for value. It tasted better than the Burger King and McDonalds patties, but it was expensive for a “value” burger.

Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy’s describes its Junior Bacon Cheeseburger as a “hot ‘n juicy beef loaded with American cheese and fresh-cooked, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon.”

Wendy’s basic hamburger was $1.37. Is it worth another 60-cents to get a slice of bacon, a slice of cheese and some lettuce & tomato? It was nice to have the lettuce & tomato in a basic burger, but the single slice of bacon as lost in the overall taste. There was also mayonnaise on this burger. Mayonnaise! Why do people put mayonnaise on burgers? This is not Canada. This is not France. This is America!

I award this burger 3 out of 10 for taste, but only 2 out of 10 for value. The veggies were quite nice, but I think Dad was upset he had to pay $1.97 for a “value” burger.


Out of the burgers, I think the Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger was the tastiest because of the meaty patty and the fresh vegetables (lettuce and tomato).

The best value sandwiches were the McDouble and the McChicken. They were just $1 and that is good value for a hot snack.

The worst burgers overall were the 2 from Burger King. They were not as bad as the disgusting burger I had from Checkers in May, but they were not that great either.

Super Crazy Yummy! Sammy T’s Gourmet Burger

We were paying a family visit to Fredericksburg, Virginia and my Mom insisted that we stop at Sammy T’s which is a restaurant she used to go to when she was at college. The restaurant was founded in 1981 by a professor from Mary Washington College which is a big deal for Mom. (She still calls it Mary Washington College and refuses to call it the University of Mary Washington.)

I ordered the Gourmet Burger (seven ounces of lean, ground, seasoned beef grilled to your specifications on a multigrain roll with lettuce, tomato and red onion) and I added cheddar cheese and bacon. I also had a side order of sweet potato fries.

The burger was super crazy yummy! I asked for it to be cooked “medium” instead of my usual “medium well” because my Dad is always nagging me about my burgers being cooked for too long. He says that “medium” burgers have more juices and more flavors. So I decided to risk it. It was pretty darn good. It was one of the best I have eaten so far during this blog.

Dad ordered a vegan salad with felafel. Ha, ha! Can you tell that Mom was here and making sure Dad only ordered healthy food? It sucks to be him! I know that he really wanted to have a burger too.

Mom ordered an apple cheddar melt, which is kinda like a cheeseburger… but only if you replace the burger patty with apple slices!

Grandad ordered a BBQ sandwich. At least that has meat in it!

Nana ordered a Grill 3 (one slice each of cheddar, swiss and mozzarella grilled on your choice of toast). She actually is a vegetarian, so not eating meat is important to her. I could not be a vegetarian because I enjoy eating burgers too much.

Back to my burger. It was super crazy yummy. The cheddar was tangy and the bacon was awesome. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the mustard that came on the burger. Next time I’ll order mustard & ketchup on the side and decide how much I want to put on.

Overall I award this burger 8 out of 10. I was going to say 7.5 but my Dad says it was my own fault for not asking the waitress to put mustard on the side. He says I should not blame her or deduct half a point. So it is an 8 out of 10.

P.S. We went to Carl’s Frozen Custard for desert and Mom actually let Dad order a (small) strawberry soft serve. Carl’s is awesome. Go to Carl’s now. I think the strawberry is best.

P.P.S. There was a photo of my burger, but it is on my Nana’s camera and she has taken it back to England with her! If I can get her to email the photo then I will post it here. Until then, here is a photo of some kittens.

Back to Red Robin for Red’s Tavern Double!

Back to Red Robin!

My grandparents took me to Red Robin for lunch. It’s always good to have people who will buy you burgers. If you do not have people who will buy you burgers then I recommend you find some immediately.

Granddad ordered a low calorie salad (he’s as boring as Dad!) and Nana ordered a veggie burger (what is happening to this country!), but I ordered Red’s Tavern Double which has 2 burger patties, 2 slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato and Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce.

Eating the Tavern Double is a bigger job than eating the Keep It Simple Burger, but it is worth the effort. I had my burger cooked “medium well” and it still had plenty of juices in the meat. Perfect! I am never disappointed by Red Robin. The bottomless fries certainly help! 🙂
🙂 🙂

I award this burger 7 out of 10.

All I have to do now is decide what to order the next time I visit Red Robin!

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