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A “not bad, not great” BBQ bacon cheeseburger

I went to Applebees for dinner with Mom and Dad. Can you guess what I had? Was it a burger? You betcha!

I ordered the Cowboy Burger. It is a burger topped with crispy onion strings, white cheddar cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce.

Lots of places serve this BBQ bacon cheeseburger as their Western Burger, Texas Burger, Rodeo Burger, or BBQ Burger. I even made my own version (my El Paso Asiago Rodeo Burger). This one is called a Cowboy Burger.

Applebees is a chain restaurant and I did not expect a gourmet burger. I did not get a gourmet burger. I got a good, ordinary, reliable, not bad, not great, BBQ bacon cheeseburger. There were no surprises with this burger. It was just… a burger.

The bacon was nice and thick, but the burger could use an extra slice. The onion strings were better than the usual onion rings, but there were too many. The lettuce was crisp, but it was one big piece. Everything was OK. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad.

I award this burger a perfect average 5 out of 10. If you are at Applebees then give it a try.

Once again my Dad asked, ‘If this is Applebees do you think serve apples and bees?’ He has been asking this question since I was in kindergarten. I have not laughed at the “joke” since I was in kindergarten. I think he will still be asking it twenty years from now. It’s the same with his Cracker Barrel joke. ‘Do they serve crackers in a barrel?’ This is what I put up with.


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2 thoughts on “A “not bad, not great” BBQ bacon cheeseburger

  1. Those are good jokes. You’ll be glad to use them when you have children.

  2. Great job, and I agree, although you can never have too many onions strings. šŸ™‚

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