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McDonalds Around the World (Part 1)

There are some whacky and wonderful things on McDonalds menus in other countries. Here are 3 that I looked at today.

  1. Le McBaguette from France.
  2. Chicken Maharaja Mac from India.
  3. Brekkie Roll from Australia.

Le McBaguette.

The “McBaguette” from the French McDonalds is un petit pain baguette cuit sur pierre, de l’emmental français, une sauce à la moutarde et de la salade croquante.

I can’t translate that from French (Sorry, Mr. Nogboun! We’ll cover burgers in 9th grade, right?), but I can use Bing to translate it for me.

So that’s emmental (Swiss?) cheese, a mustard-mayo sauce, some lettuce, and a burger – all stuffed into a French baguette.

I wonder if they have this in Canada? No? Then I wonder if I can persuade Mom & Dad to take me to France for summer vacation? Hey! It’s worth a try!

Chicken Maharaja Mac

The Chicken Maharaja Mac from the India McDonalds is their substitute version of the Big Mac.

There is no beef on the Indian McDonalds menu because cows are religious symbols in Hinduism. I think that it is interesting how McDonalds pays attention to these things.

The Maharahja Mac is served with chicken patties, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and a spicy mayo.

It sounds interesting. I wonder what the spicy mayo tastes like? My Dad (English, not Indian) makes a curry mayonnaise that he puts on cold chicken and cold shrimp. I like curry… but I’m not a big fan of mayonnaise. I would try this burger just to see what it tastes like.

Now who wants to buy me an airline ticket to India? First class, please.

Brekkie Roll

The Brekkie Roll is a breakfast sandwich from McDonalds in Australia. It has 2 slices of bacon, an egg, something that looks like a hash brown, and a “dollop” of onion relish. It is served on a sourdough roll.

I am going to annoy my Dad for the rest of the day by saying “Brekkie Roll” in an Australian accent. Hee, hee!

My favorite fast food breakfast sandwich is the bacon & egg bagel from Dunkin Donuts. I don’t really like the breakfast sandwiches that McDonalds has here in the USA. The eggs in the Egg McMuffin always seem to be a bit greasy and the biscuits in the Sausage Biscuit nearly always crumble into pieces. I think a nice sandwich like the Brekkie Roll would be a nice change.


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