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Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders (Yum!) and the Bermuda Triangle

I went to Bill Bateman’s in Havre de Grace yesterday and ordered their bacon cheeseburger sliders.

I do not have a photo because… Bill Bateman’s is the Bermuda Triangle of cameras!

Every time I go to Bill Bateman’s my camera battery dies, or my phone battery dies, or (like last night) I forget to take my iPod.

I started this food blog in April 2012 and I have been to Bateman’s four times since then. But do I have a photograph to prove I’ve eaten one of their burgers? No sir!

Once I managed to take a photo of some onion rings before my camera battery died, but that’s no use.

It’s the curse of Bateman’s Bermuda Burger Triangle!

The sliders were pretty good. An order comes with 3 sliders. The burger patties are made from fresh beef and are really juicy. They were topped with American cheese and bacon. Can I prove this without a photo? Nope! You’re just going to have to believe me 🙂

I award these burgers a score of 6.5 out of 10. If the bacon had been a bit more crispy I would have awarded a score of 7.

Nate Sirkis from school offered to take a photo with his phone, but I had already eaten 2 of the sliders (BURP!) and it was just too late.

The curse strikes again!


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