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New Gino Marchetti burger restaurant opening soon!

Gino MarchettiThere is an article in the October/November edition of Harford’s Heart magazineEverybody Goes To Gino’s: Coming to 3 locations in Harford County.’

It talks about the arrival of Gino’s Burgers and Chicken restaurants in Harford County. There are 3 restaurants planned for the county. The first is being built in Aberdeen and will be open by the end of 2013. Gino’s is looking for 2 other locations in the county for 2013.

(I already broke this news in April!)

Gino’s was founded by former Baltimore Colt’s defensive end Gino Marchetti in 1959 and at one time there were 313 company-owned restaurants throughout the region. The old company was taken over in the 1980s and restaurants were either converted to Roy Rogers or closed.

The “new” Gino’s franchise in Maryland began with its new store in Towson, MD and the restaurant chain is gradually coming back to the area. There is a store in King of Prussia, PA where Gino Marchetii still works 3-4 days each week.

I am a Colts fan and a burger fan. I definitely want to visit the King of Prussia location!

Gino’s describes their food as “fast casual.” Your meal is made with fresh ingredients (no pink slime!) and brought to your table (so you don’t have to collect it from the counter). Jake’s Wayback has a similar setup, but at Five Guys you still have to collect your own food.

I am looking forward to Gino’s opening in Aberdeen. I can’t wait to try the Gino’s Giant burger (named after Gino) and the Ameche’s Power House burger (named after his restaurant partner, former Colts running back, Alan Ameche).

Gino and Alan both played in ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ (the 1958 NFL Championship Game). Johnny Unitas was named NFL MVP in that game. I wonder if he ever thought about opening a burger restaurant?


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