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Patty Melt at the Chesapeake Grill

I paid a visit to the Chesapeake Grill in Harvre de Grace, Maryland with Mom and Dad. I have been here many times before and I reviewed their bacon cheeseburger back in April. I like the Cheasapeake Diner because it is close to us (just 10-minutes away) and it is an old fashioned diner that serves everything (if you want breakfast waffles at night you can have them).

Patty MeltI ordered their burger melt which is a flame-broiled burger patty, topped with sautéed mushrooms, sandwiched on rye with Swiss cheese.

Except I skipped the mushrooms, because… ugh… mushrooms!

The burgers at Chesapeae grill are hand formed from 8 oz of fresh beef. This one was nicely cooked and packed full of meaty juices. The Swiss cheese gave it a nutty taste (better for rye bread than American cheese!) and the rye bread had a nice sprinkle of carroway seeds.

(At least that’s what Dad says them are. I just call them “the seeds they put in rye bread.”)

I award this burger melt a score of 6.5 out of 10. It is better than average and having a “melt” instead of a regular burger was a nice change. If you are at the diner then you should give it a try.

Dad says to try it with the mushrooms, but… ugh.. mushrooms!

WARNING! Their website plays Frank Sinatra songs very loudly. You might want to mute your speakers to avoid that.


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