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He was dying to get a burger

Can you love burgers from beyond the grave? According to this story in the York Daily Record you can.

Funeral procession stops at Burger King drive-through Funeral procession stops at Burger King drive-through for one last Whopper in Manchester Township

On the way to his final resting place Saturday, David S. Kime Jr.’s loved ones took a spin through the Burger King drive-through on the corner of Route 30 and Pennsylvania Avenue for one last WHOPPER JR.

The 88-year-old West York man died Jan. 20 at York Hospital.

“He always lived by his own rules,” said Linda Phiel, one of Kime’s three daughters. “His version of eating healthy was the lettuce on the WHOPPER JR.”

As a tribute to a man who loved fast food, Phiel’s family stopped for some burgers on the way to the cemetery. Mourners followed the hearse carrying Kime’s flag-draped casket through the drive-thru. Each got a WHOPPER JR.

The sandwich was among Kime’s favorites.

“He liked his WHOPPER JRs.,” said Margaret Hess, head manager of the Manchester Township Burger King. She and her staff prepared 40 of the sandwiches for the funeral procession.



Gino’s Giant Burger is my new Aberdeen, MD favorite!

Gino's AberdeenGino’s opened in Aberdeen today!

It is located at 1013 Beard’s Hill Rd, just down from Olive Tree (awesome local Italian restaurant) and across the street from Tractor Supply Co. (where we buy our dog food). It’s in a brand new building and it’s a great location.

There is a paved area outside that looks like it will be used for seating in the summer (today’s temperature was 12 °F which is TOO COLD!). I’m looking forward to sitting outside on a summer evening drinking strawberry malts.

Strawberry shakeSpeaking of strawberry shakes… that’s the first thing I ordered. It was thick and creamy and came with a fantastic straw that didn’t collapse under pressure. There was also a long spoon so that I could scoop out the last delicious drops from the bottom of the glass.

Dad ordered a vanilla malt. Mom will probably make him drink weak tea and organic spring water for the rest of the week. He didn’t have to order one. He could have said no. He has absolutely no willpower.

Gino's GiantI ordered a Gino’s Giant. It is Gino’s signature burger. There are 2 quarter pounder patties making it an amazing half pound burger! The patties are topped with American cheese, lettuce, pickles and “secret sauce.”

Want to know what’s in the secret sauce? I think all special/secret/signature sauces are pretty much the same aren’t they?

The burger was excellent! Super excellent! Super amazing excellent! I think it is officially the best burger in Aberdeen, Maryland! (Sorry, Mamies!) The cheese was nicely melted, there was not too much lettuce, the pickles were crisp, and there wasn’t too much sauce (I don’t like sloppy burgers!)

Dad did not order a burger. He was too busy pretending that his vanilla malt had zero calories. When he gets home Mom will make him eat a salad. It sucks to be old.

Fries & Onion RingsI ordered a mixed basket of french fries and onion rings.


The onion rings were fresh onion (not the mushed-up kind) and had a light coating of crumbs. They were seasoned with salt and pepper and were really yummy. You know those nasty cheap onion rings that seem like they’re all breadcrumbs with a tiny sliver of onion inside? These are NOT those. These were fantastic. Even Dad had some. In fact, he had a lot. About half. I’ll see if he admits that to Mom.

I award this burger a score of 8.5 out of 10. It was delicious.

If you’re in the Aberdeen, MD area then definitely stop by. (Actually… if you’re driving on I-95 in Maryland then Gino’s is just 5-minutes from Exit 85.)

Crazy Columbia Burger Bomb Threat

Sometimes I am embarrassed to live in Maryland.

This just in from the Baltimore Sun:

Burger BombColumbia man indicted for fake bomb threats on local Burger King, church

A Columbia man accused of calling in fake bomb threats to a Columbia Burger King and a California church, in addition to allegedly harrassing a Laurel church, has been indicted by a Howard County grand jury.

Forrest Dimond, 54, of the 4800 block of Circling Hunter Street, faces three charges of threatening to explode a destructive device, three charges of falsely stating the location of a destructive device, and other charges, after police used cell phone records to trace his phone to the November threats.

Dimond, who was indicted last week, called the Burger King, located in the 8800 block of Centre Park Drive, three times in the span of six days, twice reporting false bomb threats.

Seriously, people! You might not think Burger King has the tastiest burgers in the world, but is that any excuse to phone them and shout “Allah Akbar! There’s a bomb in your restaurant!”?

Gino’s opens in Aberdeen on Wednesday

I am really, really, really looking forward to this! This is doubly good news to me as a burger fan & a Colts fan.

Gino’s Giants arrive in Aberdeen Wednesday

Baltimore Sun

After a 20-some year hiatus, the new Gino’s Burgers & Chicken announced Saturday it will (re-)open in Aberdeen this Wednesday, Jan. 23.

The fast-food restaurant, which includes a drive-through, will be one of two stores to open in the first building of the new Corner at Beards Hill shopping center, at Beards Hill Road and West Bel Air Avenue.

“An Original” – The Veal Meatball Burger at Chazz Palminteri’s Restaurant

Mom & Dad take me to some great restaurants. One of them is Chazz: A Bronx Original in downtown Baltimore. It’s an Italian restaurant owned by the actor Chazz Palminteri and Mom & Dad go there for the pizza and the pasta. But the great thing about this particular Italian restaurant is that is serves burgers!

OK… OK… OK… it’s not your average burger. It’s a veal meatball burger. An Italian restaurant has to make a lot of meatballs, so why not turn some of them into burger?

Chazz meatball burger

Chazz meatball burger

The burger is served with “truffle infused mayonnaise” (they have the good sense to serve it on the side so it won’t offend kids who dislike mayo) and shoestring fries (which are nice and crispy).

Here is a TV report that WBAL on how to make the veal meatball burger. Hey! I could make one at home! (And so could you!)

I liked the burger. You can definitely tell that it isn’t a “real” burger and that it’s really a giant meatball, but that’s OK. It would be really boring if all burgers were the same. Who wants boring burgers? It’s nice to have something different. The restaurant is called “A Bronx Original” and this burger is definitely “original.”

I award this meatball burger a score of 7.5 out of 10. I wouldn’t want to eat one every day (or even every week!!!) but now and then it would be a nice change.

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