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“An Original” – The Veal Meatball Burger at Chazz Palminteri’s Restaurant

Mom & Dad take me to some great restaurants. One of them is Chazz: A Bronx Original in downtown Baltimore. It’s an Italian restaurant owned by the actor Chazz Palminteri and Mom & Dad go there for the pizza and the pasta. But the great thing about this particular Italian restaurant is that is serves burgers!

OK… OK… OK… it’s not your average burger. It’s a veal meatball burger. An Italian restaurant has to make a lot of meatballs, so why not turn some of them into burger?

Chazz meatball burger

Chazz meatball burger

The burger is served with “truffle infused mayonnaise” (they have the good sense to serve it on the side so it won’t offend kids who dislike mayo) and shoestring fries (which are nice and crispy).

Here is a TV report that WBAL on how to make the veal meatball burger. Hey! I could make one at home! (And so could you!)

I liked the burger. You can definitely tell that it isn’t a “real” burger and that it’s really a giant meatball, but that’s OK. It would be really boring if all burgers were the same. Who wants boring burgers? It’s nice to have something different. The restaurant is called “A Bronx Original” and this burger is definitely “original.”

I award this meatball burger a score of 7.5 out of 10. I wouldn’t want to eat one every day (or even every week!!!) but now and then it would be a nice change.


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