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Gino’s Giant Burger is my new Aberdeen, MD favorite!

Gino's AberdeenGino’s opened in Aberdeen today!

It is located at 1013 Beard’s Hill Rd, just down from Olive Tree (awesome local Italian restaurant) and across the street from Tractor Supply Co. (where we buy our dog food). It’s in a brand new building and it’s a great location.

There is a paved area outside that looks like it will be used for seating in the summer (today’s temperature was 12 °F which is TOO COLD!). I’m looking forward to sitting outside on a summer evening drinking strawberry malts.

Strawberry shakeSpeaking of strawberry shakes… that’s the first thing I ordered. It was thick and creamy and came with a fantastic straw that didn’t collapse under pressure. There was also a long spoon so that I could scoop out the last delicious drops from the bottom of the glass.

Dad ordered a vanilla malt. Mom will probably make him drink weak tea and organic spring water for the rest of the week. He didn’t have to order one. He could have said no. He has absolutely no willpower.

Gino's GiantI ordered a Gino’s Giant. It is Gino’s signature burger. There are 2 quarter pounder patties making it an amazing half pound burger! The patties are topped with American cheese, lettuce, pickles and “secret sauce.”

Want to know what’s in the secret sauce? I think all special/secret/signature sauces are pretty much the same aren’t they?

The burger was excellent! Super excellent! Super amazing excellent! I think it is officially the best burger in Aberdeen, Maryland! (Sorry, Mamies!) The cheese was nicely melted, there was not too much lettuce, the pickles were crisp, and there wasn’t too much sauce (I don’t like sloppy burgers!)

Dad did not order a burger. He was too busy pretending that his vanilla malt had zero calories. When he gets home Mom will make him eat a salad. It sucks to be old.

Fries & Onion RingsI ordered a mixed basket of french fries and onion rings.


The onion rings were fresh onion (not the mushed-up kind) and had a light coating of crumbs. They were seasoned with salt and pepper and were really yummy. You know those nasty cheap onion rings that seem like they’re all breadcrumbs with a tiny sliver of onion inside? These are NOT those. These were fantastic. Even Dad had some. In fact, he had a lot. About half. I’ll see if he admits that to Mom.

I award this burger a score of 8.5 out of 10. It was delicious.

If you’re in the Aberdeen, MD area then definitely stop by. (Actually… if you’re driving on I-95 in Maryland then Gino’s is just 5-minutes from Exit 85.)


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