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10 burgers to sample this summer

I am already making plans for a summer of burger madness.

Here is my list of the places I want to visit (assuming Dad will drive me there and pay for my burgers).

  1. Elevation Burger – I think we should get the 10 patty “Vertigo” burger and split it between the entire family. There are restaurants in the DC ‘burbs that we can get to.
  2. The Charcoal Pit – This place is up in Wilmington, Delaware. We drive past this but never seem to stop.  George Motz says its good… so we’re going!
  3. Shake Shack – Everyone seems to think this place is great so I definitely need to check it out. The nearest Shake Shack to me is in Dupont Circle in DC. We could ride the MARC train down to DC for the day.
  4. Bobby’s Burger Palace – I’ve already been to the one at Maryland Live! casino a couple of time (thanks, Dad, for taking me to a casino!), but there are still burgers on the menu that I want to try. Maybe we could visit a different location next time?
  5. Baltimore Burger Bar – Hey! Dad! It’s on West 36th Street! How about you enter that into the GPS and maybe we won’t get lost in Baltimore next time? (Parents! Seriously!)
  6. Kooper’s Chowhound – Baltimore’s best ever food truck. Yes, I’ve already tracked them down, but they deserve a repeat visit. Or two. Or three.
  7. GrrChe – Speaking of food trucks, I definitely want to try the Cheese Burger Grill from GrrChe.
  8. Cheeburger Cheeburger – There used to be one in Bel Air, Maryland that Mom & Dad used to take me to when I was younger, but that closed. There is one up in Newark, Delaware that we really should visit. Did we get the day off school to hang out with him? No, we did not.
  9. Steak & Main – Up in North East, MD. When we’re in town it’s usually for seafood at Woody’s Crab House, but Steak & Main has a burger on their menu that I’m waiting to try. Adam Richman came here for a Man vs Food challenge.
  10. Red Robin – My standby. They always have a “burger of the month” that either I like or Dad likes. We really should go more often. Yeah… if Mom lets us!

Bungling Thief Admits McDonald’s Armed Robbery

The restaurant manager and customers feared for their lives – until the would-be robber was overpowered when he laid his gun down.

A would-be robber who terrified customers and staff in a suburban branch of McDonald’s in Melbourne was overpowered after he put his gun down to stuff the cash in his bag.

Tyler Forsyth, 20, who carried out his crime last November, appeared at the Victorian County Court to plead guilty to possessing the unregistered firearm and three counts of armed robbery, the Herald Sun newspaper reports.

The CCTV footage shows Forsyth entering the restaurant in Mulgrave armed with a sawn-off bolt-action military grade rifle, which, the court heard, was not loaded.
uploaded from CEGrab_20130429_091040_158.jpg Tyler Forsyth robbed the McDonalds branch at gunpoint

The manager and two customers feared for their lives when the masked man threatened them with it.

The customers were forced to the ground and told to hand over their wallets while the manager emptied the till at gunpoint.

But after taking AUD $700 (£466) Forsyth laid the gun on the counter and bent down enabling the customers to tackle him from behind.
uploaded from CEGrab_20130429_092419_158.jpg When Forsyth tried put the cash away the customers rushed in to tackle him

He was then wrestled to the ground.

The Herald Sun said he was remanded in custody to be assessed for a youth justice centre order.

In court Forsyth apologised for his conduct. He told police he had been taken to the store by three men to whom he owed a $700 drug debt.

“I feel like a d*******,” Forsyth said during his police interview. “I put other people in a situation I would not like to be put in. I made them fear for their lives.”

Eating Friendly’s Sliders with Friends

It was my friend Nick’s birthday, so a bunch of us went to the movies (GI Joe Retaliation… they blow-up a ton of stuff) and afterward we went to Friendly’s for burgers and ice cream.

Friendly’s was founded in Massachusetts in 1935 and a double-dip ice cream cone cost 5 cents. It costs a bit more than that now!

Cheeseburger SlidersI had the Cheeseburger Sliders (4 mini burgers topped with American cheese, served with lettuce, tomatoes and pickle chips) and fries.

I finished up my meal with a scoop of Kit Kat ice cream (that’s basically chocolate ice cream with bits of Kit Kat in it).

I give the burger a 5 out of 10, definitely not the best burger on Earth, but pretty decent.

I give the ice cream 8 out of 10.

I give my friends 10 out of 10, but hey, their my friends so I have to rate them fairly.

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