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Bungling Thief Admits McDonald’s Armed Robbery

The restaurant manager and customers feared for their lives – until the would-be robber was overpowered when he laid his gun down.

A would-be robber who terrified customers and staff in a suburban branch of McDonald’s in Melbourne was overpowered after he put his gun down to stuff the cash in his bag.

Tyler Forsyth, 20, who carried out his crime last November, appeared at the Victorian County Court to plead guilty to possessing the unregistered firearm and three counts of armed robbery, the Herald Sun newspaper reports.

The CCTV footage shows Forsyth entering the restaurant in Mulgrave armed with a sawn-off bolt-action military grade rifle, which, the court heard, was not loaded.
uploaded from CEGrab_20130429_091040_158.jpg Tyler Forsyth robbed the McDonalds branch at gunpoint

The manager and two customers feared for their lives when the masked man threatened them with it.

The customers were forced to the ground and told to hand over their wallets while the manager emptied the till at gunpoint.

But after taking AUD $700 (£466) Forsyth laid the gun on the counter and bent down enabling the customers to tackle him from behind.
uploaded from CEGrab_20130429_092419_158.jpg When Forsyth tried put the cash away the customers rushed in to tackle him

He was then wrestled to the ground.

The Herald Sun said he was remanded in custody to be assessed for a youth justice centre order.

In court Forsyth apologised for his conduct. He told police he had been taken to the store by three men to whom he owed a $700 drug debt.

“I feel like a d*******,” Forsyth said during his police interview. “I put other people in a situation I would not like to be put in. I made them fear for their lives.”


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