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What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

What is your favorite fast food restaurant? I like Five Guys, Sonic, and our local (Maryland area) Ginos.


George Motz was right… this Charcoal Pit burger is awesome!

Dad drove up to Delaware so that I could visit the Charcoal Pit.

There are two locations in the Wilmington area. We went to the one off Kirkwood Highway (Delaware Route 2, the Newark-Wilmington road).

We will visit the other location on Concord Pike another day.

I ordered the 4oz (quarter pound) Pit Burger. That’s a char-grilled burger with cheese, lettuce and tomato… and a side order of fries. There were also pickles and white onion on the plate to add if you wanted them.

There was a lot of good, hearty flavor in the burger. The char-grilled flavor was really, really good. It was one of the best burger patties I have eaten.

The Charcoal Pit is one of the only burger restaurants within driving distance of my house that George Motz recommends. It is easy to see why.

The burger patty was good. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. I even added the onions because they were nice and sweet.

I passed on the pickles (but Dad ate them all) and I passed on the tub of mayonnaise (neither of us touched that!).

I award this burger a score of 8.5 out of 10. It was REALLY good.

Remember, 8.5 is a high score for me. The highest score I have ever given is 9.5 out of 10.

If you are in driving distance of Wilmington then you need to visit the Charcoal Pit. Next time we will go to the other location on Concord Pike and we’ll take Mom with us.

Double Chipotle Burgers at the Double T Diner

We went to the Double T Diner in Bel Air for a quick dinner. Going to a diner is great because everybody can order whatever they want. Breakfast at 6PM? Yep! Soup at 6AM? Yep! Whatever you want 24 hours a day!

There are a bunch of Double T’s around the area. Bel Air is our local. I don’t like the one at White Marsh so much (I gave their “bacon cheeseburger deluxe” only 4 out of 10), but I do like the one outside of Frederick (because it’s close to the Monocacy battlefield). Dad says he’s been to the one at Perry Hall and Ellicot City. He hasn’t taken me to those yet.

The daily special at Bel Air was “2 chipotle cheeseburgers and fries” for $6.99. Yeah, baby! Only $6.99. You can’t beat a hamburger deal like that!

Two chipotle burgers and an order of fries.

This is a horrible picture taken with Mom’s phone. My iPod takes better pics, but I’d left it in the car. The burgers tasted better than they look in this picture!

The chipotle sauce seemed to be a homemade mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and chipotle sauce. It was pretty tasty. You could make it at home. It reminded me of my secret recipe El Paso sauce (secret recipe available for $5).

The burger patties were average quality. They were definitely cooked better than the burger I had at White Marsh! Congrats, Bel Air. You should teach those guys in Baltimore County how to cook.

What made the burgers better than just average was the chipotle sauce. It made the burgers zesty and zingy. Not crazy hot… just flavorsome.

I award this burger a score of 5.5 out of 10. The sauce made all the difference and I am going to try to make some at home.

Pizzaburger looks kinda disgusting… also kinda tasty!

My Uncle Andrew says that I should try one of these pizza burgers.

“A bacon burger wrapped in in a pepperoni pizza.”

This article in the Huffington Post (OK.. I thought “BurgerRodeo” was a weird name… by Huffington Post wins!) says that the burger was released in Canada on April 1 and that people thought it was an April Fools joke.

Now the video looks like it’s real.

Hey Mom! Hey Dad! Can you drive me to Canada?

At last Dad agreed to take me to Sonic

sonicI like Sonic. Mom and Dad don’t like it so much. OK, Dad likes the deep fried tater tots. Mom still doesn’t like it. We’ve stopped at one in Delaware on our way to the beach and we’ve stopped at one in Arizona (for breakfast!), but Mom and Dad have refused to take me to the local Sonic in Bel Air, or the one in Eklton, even though we drive past them all the time!

We ordered from outside. I ordered a burger, tater tots and a limeade. Dad ordered nothing. My food was brought outside by a server wearing roller skates. That’s one of the things that’s neat about Sonic.

I award this burger a score of 4.5 out of 10. Fast food burgers are never going to score an 8, 9 or 10, but an average burger scores 4, 5 or 6. This was an OK average burger.

I like good fresh burgers, but I still like some of the fast food restaurants. I am not a food snob! Sonic is one of the fast food restaurants that I like. I wouldn’t eat there every day, but it is nice to visit sometimes. I might have to bug Mom & Dad like crazy until they surrender, but I’ll be back.

2,222 is the magic number!

My blog reach 2,222 hits this afternoon.


That’s a lucky number. We should buy lottery tickets.

The Ruppersberger Burger

Ruppersberger Ingredients

I have been joking around with Dad for a few months that we should make a burger named after our Congressman, Rep. “Dutch” Ruppersberger. It would be the Ruppersberger Burger.

Last week we bought a big batch of ground chuck and ground sirloin and mixed it together for our Alton Brown burger blend. Mom broke it up into 1 lb bags and we froze it. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! But it was only frozen for a couple of days and it was nicely defrosted when I used it.

Dad: “They’re going to criticize you because you froze your beef.”

Thanks, Dad!

Dad: “I’m just telling you what they’re going to do.”

I know, Dad!

Dad: “You keep telling people that fresh beef is better.”


Anyway, where were we? Ah yes! The Ruppersberger Burger recipe.

I decided that the recipe needed some Dutch ingredients so we went to Wegmans and bought a slab of Dutch gouda cheese. I decided that pretzel rolls would be a good Europeany choice instead of regular hamburger buns. We also bought a nice ripe local tomato for toppings.

Dad: It’s called an heirloom tomato. You should put that in your blog. An heirloom tomato. Type that. Heirloom.”

Dad, will you PLEASE stop looking over my shoulder while I am trying to write this!

The pretzel rolls were the perfect size for sliders so the 1 lb of beef made 8 20z burger patties. These cooked for 3-minutes on each side and were “medium well” with plenty of juices trapped inside.

Ruppersberger Burger.

Ruppersberger Burger.

Putting the burgers together was nice and easy. One slider per pretzel roll, with some thin sliced gouda cheese melting on top, and a slice of sweet tomato. Looks good doesn’t it?

I had 2 burgers. I didn’t put mustard on my first burger, but  I did put spicy brown mustard on my second burger.

Dad: “It was Gulden’s mustard. Write that it was Gulden’s mustard. That sounds Dutch, too. You should put that in your blog.

Dad… I love you… but stop it.

These burgers were excellent. Using pretzel rolls was a great idea. So was the gouda cheese. It all joined together to make a different cheeseburger.

It would be really cool if Dutch Ruppersberger tried the burgers!

You might think I am joking about my dad criticizing me and looking over my shoulder but, he really does!

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