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The Ruppersberger Burger

Ruppersberger Ingredients

I have been joking around with Dad for a few months that we should make a burger named after our Congressman, Rep. “Dutch” Ruppersberger. It would be the Ruppersberger Burger.

Last week we bought a big batch of ground chuck and ground sirloin and mixed it together for our Alton Brown burger blend. Mom broke it up into 1 lb bags and we froze it. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! But it was only frozen for a couple of days and it was nicely defrosted when I used it.

Dad: “They’re going to criticize you because you froze your beef.”

Thanks, Dad!

Dad: “I’m just telling you what they’re going to do.”

I know, Dad!

Dad: “You keep telling people that fresh beef is better.”


Anyway, where were we? Ah yes! The Ruppersberger Burger recipe.

I decided that the recipe needed some Dutch ingredients so we went to Wegmans and bought a slab of Dutch gouda cheese. I decided that pretzel rolls would be a good Europeany choice instead of regular hamburger buns. We also bought a nice ripe local tomato for toppings.

Dad: It’s called an heirloom tomato. You should put that in your blog. An heirloom tomato. Type that. Heirloom.”

Dad, will you PLEASE stop looking over my shoulder while I am trying to write this!

The pretzel rolls were the perfect size for sliders so the 1 lb of beef made 8 20z burger patties. These cooked for 3-minutes on each side and were “medium well” with plenty of juices trapped inside.

Ruppersberger Burger.

Ruppersberger Burger.

Putting the burgers together was nice and easy. One slider per pretzel roll, with some thin sliced gouda cheese melting on top, and a slice of sweet tomato. Looks good doesn’t it?

I had 2 burgers. I didn’t put mustard on my first burger, but  I did put spicy brown mustard on my second burger.

Dad: “It was Gulden’s mustard. Write that it was Gulden’s mustard. That sounds Dutch, too. You should put that in your blog.

Dad… I love you… but stop it.

These burgers were excellent. Using pretzel rolls was a great idea. So was the gouda cheese. It all joined together to make a different cheeseburger.

It would be really cool if Dutch Ruppersberger tried the burgers!

You might think I am joking about my dad criticizing me and looking over my shoulder but, he really does!


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