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Mexicali comes to Wilmington

We recently had a family gathering at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. A whole bunch of cousins!

I had the Mexicali Burger with pico de gallo, pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese & chipotle thousand island dressing.

The jalapeños weren’t really that spicy and they didn’t take away from the falvor of the burger patty. (I think it would be a good idea to have a “jalapeño challenge” where you can have extra peppers.) The pico de gallo made a nice change instead of ordinary tomato and onion. I liked the chipotle thousand island dressing because it had a tang and I could dip my fries into it.

Mexicali Burger… yours for $12.50 (plus tip!)

It cost $12.50. I think this is a little too much. It was worth $10.50, but $12.50 is a stretch.

Overall I award this burger 6 ½ points out of 10. That’s at the top end of average. I would give it another ½ point if it was better value for money.


George Motz was right… this Charcoal Pit burger is awesome!

Dad drove up to Delaware so that I could visit the Charcoal Pit.

There are two locations in the Wilmington area. We went to the one off Kirkwood Highway (Delaware Route 2, the Newark-Wilmington road).

We will visit the other location on Concord Pike another day.

I ordered the 4oz (quarter pound) Pit Burger. That’s a char-grilled burger with cheese, lettuce and tomato… and a side order of fries. There were also pickles and white onion on the plate to add if you wanted them.

There was a lot of good, hearty flavor in the burger. The char-grilled flavor was really, really good. It was one of the best burger patties I have eaten.

The Charcoal Pit is one of the only burger restaurants within driving distance of my house that George Motz recommends. It is easy to see why.

The burger patty was good. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. I even added the onions because they were nice and sweet.

I passed on the pickles (but Dad ate them all) and I passed on the tub of mayonnaise (neither of us touched that!).

I award this burger a score of 8.5 out of 10. It was REALLY good.

Remember, 8.5 is a high score for me. The highest score I have ever given is 9.5 out of 10.

If you are in driving distance of Wilmington then you need to visit the Charcoal Pit. Next time we will go to the other location on Concord Pike and we’ll take Mom with us.

Best Burgers of 2012

Winner RibbonHere is my list of the BEST BURGERS OF 2012.

  1. The Palace Classic Burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace in Hanover, MD (score: 9)
  2. My “Build Your Own” Burger from the Kooper’s Chowhound food truck (score: 8.5)
  3. Black Angus Cheeseburger from Sean Bolan’s in Bel Air, MD (score: 8)
  4. Gourmet Burger at Sammy T’s in Fredericksburg, VA (score: 8)
  5. Sliders from Main Street Sliders in Newark, DE (score: 8)

If you are in the Baltimore area these restaurants (4 restaurants, 1 food truck!) are all local or all within driving distance. I recommend that you try all of them at least once 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to checking out new restaurants in 2013 and bringing you more burger reviews.

An honorable mention goes to the place this food blog began… the Olympia Dairy Bar in Carney’s Point, NJ where my favorite is the 1/3 lb Burger cooked-to-order. I can’t wait for the 2013 rodeo season to open so that I can start making the trip up to Cowtown again!

Snacking On Sliders

I was craving burgers for lunch so I took a trip to Newark, DE (hey… it’s just across the border in Delaware… it’s not like I went to Uranus or West Virginia!) and visited Main Street Sliders which specializes in (hold the front page!) slider burgers.

Main Street Sliders serves classics, like a standard all-fresh beef hamburger slider, for just $1.30 each. Specialty sliders, like the “Southwest” (a beef slider topped with an onion ring, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce) and the “Chili Cheese” (a beef slider topped with meat & beans chili and cheddar cheese), cost $1.65 each. They have some great sides – string fries, fried pickles, tater tots, jalapeño poppers, etc. – and they can load your fries with chili, cheese, bacon and ranch. Checkout their menu for full details.

I had a Southwestern and a Chili Cheese with a side order of tater tots. Both of my sliders were great! The burgers are made from 100% fresh (never frozen!) beef and they are hand-formed which gives them a homestyle shape. They were cooked perfectly and all the meaty juices were trapped insider the patties. The slider buns were lightly toasted on the grill and I really liked that. (I wish more places would do it!)

I love Southwestern-style burgers with BBQ sauce (checkout my own recipe!) and this one was pretty darn good. I award this burger an 8 out of 10.

The Chili Cheese was my favorite of the day! If you buy a chili dog it’s usual for the chili to be “meat only” without beans. This chili had beans which I think is a great idea.  I award this burger 8 out of 10 also.

The tater tots were nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside. That’s how a tater tot should be. They should not be soggy like usually you get on a bad kid’s menu. Congratulations and three cheers for cooking a perfect tater tot!

Dad sat in the restaurant and ate nothing. He is still on his diet. He just sat there and watched me eat. He looked like a sad puppy. It was really quite funny. Of course, he got his revenge later by making me eat salad for dinner.

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