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Smoke & Pepper Signature Burger was OK, but not that original

Mom & Dad took me to Red Robin so that I could try December’s Burger of the Month.

The ‘Smoke and Pepper Signature Burger’ is a regular Red Robin burger patty seasoned with “smoked sea salt” (I have no idea what that is) and topped with peppered bacon and cheddar cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun. The bun is spread with “house-made smoke & pepper ketchup” and there is a side of the fancy ketchup with the french fries.

Red Robin ‘Smoke and Pepper Signature Burger”

The ciabatta bun was a bit more chewy than an ordinary burger bun. The bacon and the cheddar cheese were both OK, but I have had peppered bacon and cheddar cheese before so it wasn’t a big deal. The only really new thing was the fancy ketchup. It was OK, but I didn’t think it was that smokey and I think it would have been nicer with a little BBQ flavor.

My overall Burger of the Month experience was OK, but Red Robin have made better burgers than this. It just wasn’t really that original. I can only award it a score of 5 out of 10 because of that.

Mom had a salad. Seriously, Mom! A salad? At a burger restaurant?

Dad had a Bleu Ribon (blue cheese and chipotle sauce) burger. I think he was the happiest person there, but probably because Mom didn’t make him eat a salad too.


10 burgers to sample this summer

I am already making plans for a summer of burger madness.

Here is my list of the places I want to visit (assuming Dad will drive me there and pay for my burgers).

  1. Elevation Burger – I think we should get the 10 patty “Vertigo” burger and split it between the entire family. There are restaurants in the DC ‘burbs that we can get to.
  2. The Charcoal Pit – This place is up in Wilmington, Delaware. We drive past this but never seem to stop.  George Motz says its good… so we’re going!
  3. Shake Shack – Everyone seems to think this place is great so I definitely need to check it out. The nearest Shake Shack to me is in Dupont Circle in DC. We could ride the MARC train down to DC for the day.
  4. Bobby’s Burger Palace – I’ve already been to the one at Maryland Live! casino a couple of time (thanks, Dad, for taking me to a casino!), but there are still burgers on the menu that I want to try. Maybe we could visit a different location next time?
  5. Baltimore Burger Bar – Hey! Dad! It’s on West 36th Street! How about you enter that into the GPS and maybe we won’t get lost in Baltimore next time? (Parents! Seriously!)
  6. Kooper’s Chowhound – Baltimore’s best ever food truck. Yes, I’ve already tracked them down, but they deserve a repeat visit. Or two. Or three.
  7. GrrChe – Speaking of food trucks, I definitely want to try the Cheese Burger Grill from GrrChe.
  8. Cheeburger Cheeburger – There used to be one in Bel Air, Maryland that Mom & Dad used to take me to when I was younger, but that closed. There is one up in Newark, Delaware that we really should visit. Did we get the day off school to hang out with him? No, we did not.
  9. Steak & Main – Up in North East, MD. When we’re in town it’s usually for seafood at Woody’s Crab House, but Steak & Main has a burger on their menu that I’m waiting to try. Adam Richman came here for a Man vs Food challenge.
  10. Red Robin – My standby. They always have a “burger of the month” that either I like or Dad likes. We really should go more often. Yeah… if Mom lets us!

Back to Red Robin for Red’s Tavern Double!

Back to Red Robin!

My grandparents took me to Red Robin for lunch. It’s always good to have people who will buy you burgers. If you do not have people who will buy you burgers then I recommend you find some immediately.

Granddad ordered a low calorie salad (he’s as boring as Dad!) and Nana ordered a veggie burger (what is happening to this country!), but I ordered Red’s Tavern Double which has 2 burger patties, 2 slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato and Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce.

Eating the Tavern Double is a bigger job than eating the Keep It Simple Burger, but it is worth the effort. I had my burger cooked “medium well” and it still had plenty of juices in the meat. Perfect! I am never disappointed by Red Robin. The bottomless fries certainly help! 🙂
🙂 🙂

I award this burger 7 out of 10.

All I have to do now is decide what to order the next time I visit Red Robin!

Hey Dad! Those onions make your breath smell funky!

While we were at Red Robin (Yum!) Dad ordered a Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger with all the toppings.

He made me promise not to tell Mum that he was making a bad diet choice, but when she reads this blog she will find out anyway. Busted!

Dad ordered his burger “medium” and he said it was really juicy.

He definitely had pickles, onions and Red Robin relish because his breath smelled really bad for the next 4 hours. I am surprised Mum didn’t notice that when we got home. Maybe she decided to ignore it. Who knows with parents?

Dad says he really likes the Red Robin relish and he thinks that I should try it next time.

Thanks, Dad, but probably not. I like my burgers pure!

Dad says he gives the Gourmet Cheeseburger a “good to average” 6 out of 10.

Keepin’ it simple with the “Keep It Simple” burger

Visited Red Robin today with Dad.

I ordered the “Keep It Simple” Burger (price $7.99, includes “bottomless” fries).

The burger came in a warm, soft sesame seed bun. You can customize the burger with a whole grain bun, ciabatta roll or a jalapeño bun. But I prefer the original.

Red Robin uses fresh, never frozen patties. Mine was a perfect “well done” and not cooked like old leather. There was still plenty of juice inside and it was not over seasoned.

Listed in the menu, the Keep It Simple Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. I skipped the pickles and onions because I didn’t want my breath to stink!

Other options include cheese (cheddar, American, blah blah blah…), Red Robin’s own-brand relish, and a fried egg. No offence to breakfast lovers, but who puts a fried egg on their burger? It’s not normal!

Overall I would award this burger 6 out of 10.

It is perfect for an adult who does not want a huge burger and it is perfect for a kid who does not want to order from the embarrassing kiddie menu.

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